Dreamwork Psychology – Online Course in 9 Steps

Learn to explore your dreams and work with your unconscious mind. The course is a simplified and easy-to-use version of the dreamwork psychology methodology developed by Strephon Kaplan-Williams, designed to be used by everyone interested in exploring their dreams.
This course is provided for free in partnership with dreamwork-psychology.com.

What It Feels Like to Change?

What it feels like when I change? What it feels like when other people change? Even if inner transformation is something that we intentionally seek out, we still have to bear it. We have to bear when it happens and when it doesn’t. We have to bear what shape it takes. We have to bear its speed – fast, slow, or something in between.

The Ball of Light: A Story of Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual emergencies are moments of messy awakening, crises of ego dissolution and rebirth that are often misunderstood and unskillfully managed by psychiatry. This life experience was published in “Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergencies”, a collection of 16 spiritual emergence stories edited by Jules Evans and Tim Read (May, 2020).

Whales Are People Too

The true promise of the Cetacean Nation will only be realized to the extent that we, as a species, can recognize we’re surrounded by a rainbow of exotic cultures and narratives. We’re invited to be participating members in the community of nature, connected as though by invisible lines of echolocation to all these other “persons” on our planetary home.

Sharing Awareness Consciously Together

This simple way of being together has reliably allowed anyone interested to experience a mirror-like ‘awakeness’ with others inside of 90 minutes.
Give it a try for free and you will see. Experience gradually establishes a habit that becomes your new normal. This can take many years. Still, it is a true path to a pathless Peace and unconditioned Love which is ripe to be shared by All.

The Evolutionary Awareness in a Planetary Society Based on Cooperation

Evolutionary awareness shows us that developing the psychological skills needed to transcend our social and biological past is part of an evolutionary event of great significance on this planet. And it makes us aware that our growing evolutionary awareness is itself an important part of the unfolding of this evolutionary event.

Attention to Attention: An Introduction to Attention Styles, Open Focus and Object-Less Imagery

Attention to attention and attention training represent an experiential-subjective and neurofeedback-objective voyage through an uncharted and vast awareness-space, an awareness-space limited only by walls of attentional bias and habit. Never did a brighter ray of promise light our way to human optimization and conscious evolution than does practicing and researching the characteristics of attention and attention to attention.

Psychology of Becoming Conscious I: Inner Growth Journeys

This is a collection of research notes about Growing Up journeys. I use an experience-based terminology to describe the developmental dynamics related to self-identity. I try to speak directly to the lived experience, without using complex linguistic frameworks, such as “bottom-up theory” or “phenomenological approach”.

Psychology of Becoming Conscious II: Awakening Journeys

Each of the transformative experiences described in this research has different degrees of depth and involves various unfolding ways. As some of them are quite rare and I could find no appropriate descriptions in Eastern or Western literature, I include here my subjective perspective and some of my field notes, to support future researchers in exploring these openings.

John Rowan’s Interview About Subtle, Causal and Non-Dual Layers of Conscious Experience (video)

In this interview by Iain McNay on Conscious TV, John Rowan tells his fascinating personal history, explores the Subtle, Causal and Non-Dual layers of conscious experience, and describes the differences between these layers using experiences from his life.

Designing Computer Games That Awaken

Can computer games be designed to produce the same kinds of effects as meditation? Are computer games able to motivate and guide the kinds of practices that awaken human beings? Does the ability of computer games to overlay real life give them the potential to motivate the practices needed to awaken us in the midst of ordinary life? This article explores the significant potential of computer games and related media to develop humanity and advance the collective evolutionary process.