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The Consciousness Quotient is a composite psychological construct, including traits, skills, and abilities that allow us to explore and optimize the conscious experience. The Consciousness Quotient Inventory  (CQ-i) is an in-depth exploration of your conscious experience. It evaluates the frequency of various behaviors, attitudes, and attentional styles, as well as the usage of conscious skills, awareness, and the capacity to ‘feel awake and alive,’ providing a complex exploration of conscious experience.

Test Specifications

What it measures:

The Consciousness Quotient

Test length: 268 items

Average duration: 1.5–2 hours

Norming sample:

2,266 people from 96 countries

Usage: Inner evolution, self-discovery, personal and integral development

Age: 16+

CQ-i Scales

The conscious experience components mapped by the CQ-i are Perspective-taking, Clarity of discrimination, Quality of experience, Spirituality-harmony, Global self-identity, Language use, Physical self, Energy self, Cognition self, Non-conceptual self, Social-relational interconnectivity, Inner growth, Multi-modal integration, Habitual patterns, Awakening skills.

Validity and Reliability

The CQ-i was developed through 18 studies across 17 years (2003–2020). The scores provide standardized ratings using the already familiar style of the Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient (mean = 100). In accordance with the international standards for psychological testing, the CQ-i is classified as a Level B test. Click here to read the research on the CQ-i validity, reliability and standardization.

CQ-i Assessment Report

The CQ-i Assessment Report (22 pages) contains your total Consciousness Quotient score and the results for each of the 15 facets of the conscious experience. It includes in-depth information for each scale and perspectives that could enhance your conscious skills. 

After you complete the test, two licensing options for the CQ-i Assessment Report are available: an accessibility option for tight finances (15 EUR), and a fair value (50 EUR) supporting the CQ-i research and the free/accessibility options. 

A Descriptive Summary (13 pages) is available at no cost, providing the minimal information needed to understand your results.

Research Studies

If you are a student, researcher, trainer or educator and you want to use the CQ-i in your activities, please create an account using the user icon at the top menu. The testing platform allows you to get a license (free or paid), manage participants, send invitations by email, monitor the online completion status, input data from the paper-pencil assessment, and export the study dataset. For in-depth qualitative studies, try Awake! The Evolutionary Self-Discovery Test.

Conscious Organizations

The CQ-i can be used as a self-discovery tool by organizations interested in enhancing the conscious skills of their leaders and team members. The inventory may be administered during training or personal development sessions, or as a part of the professional or coaching programs. 

If you want to use the CQ-i in organizational contexts, please create an account and send us your request.

CQ-i Research Repository

The archive includes articles, studies, and research papers related to the Consciousness Quotient and the CQ-i, published or presented at various conferences, since 2008.
Click here to access the repository.

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