Elizabeth Shea, Choreographer: “Can We All Come Together?”

“I feel that we are in a moment when in the field of dance, change is happening. And it is a good change. I know that our students will be at the forefront of equity. In the old days dancers were trained to do as they’re told and not take care of themselves. And I feel that this new generation. Is saying “no, that’s not the quality of life I choose”. I think they are really brave; I think they will make a change.”

CQ-i Score Classification and Standardization

CQ-i scores are classified into six intervals with inclusive labels, that were selected to reflect the evolution in the capacity for being conscious. We limited the number of score categories for practical purposes so that the test-takers would get a meaningful interpretation of their scores. The 6-level classification is the same for the global score and the scales scores.

The Emergence of Intentional Evolutionaries

Across the planet individuals are emerging who are choosing to dedicate their lives to consciously advancing the evolutionary process. They see that their lives are an important part of the great evolutionary process that has produced the universe and the life within it. They realise that they have a significant role to play in its future evolution.