A Perspective on Autism, Deep Connection, and Pre-Conscious Awareness

This research is based on our field notes and observations in the last five years, as we tested some methods to connect better with the individuals on the autism spectrum, and support their development. Our observations show that a deep connection style is already used by some therapists and family members of individuals on the autism spectrum, and those who seem to use this method, along with the classical approach, consistently produce excellent results, and that encouraged us to advance on this path and study the underlying mechanisms.

Conscious Leadership: Consciousness Quotient Measurement for Employees of Iraqi Oil Products Distribution Company

The study aimed at measuring the awareness of the conscious leadership of the Iraqi Petroleum Products Distribution Company. The research was conducted on a random sample of 101 members representing the company’s senior leaders.

Sharing Awareness Consciously Together

This simple way of being together has reliably allowed anyone interested to experience a mirror-like ‘awakeness’ with others inside of 90 minutes.
Give it a try for free and you will see. Experience gradually establishes a habit that becomes your new normal. This can take many years. Still, it is a true path to a pathless Peace and unconditioned Love which is ripe to be shared by All.
Tuesday: 3-4:30pm
Thursday: 6-7:30pm
Sundays: 11am-12:30pm
(Pacific Time, USA and Canada)

Researching Reciprocal Leadership: Using the CQ-i as a Pilot Methodology to Explore Leadership with the Context of a School-University Partnership

This article looks at the potential of using an online self-completing inventory that measures leadership conscious awareness. The Consciousness Quotient inventory as a method for researching leadership is piloted between a university academic and a primary headteacher in the context of a school-university partnership. Pilot outcomes reveal that the inventory can be used as an evaluation of partnership work and ways of thinking about leadership on two levels: the personal and the partnership.

What People Say About the Experience of Taking the CQ-i?

“I have moments when I feel I am one not with everything but with valuables things”; “Every. Other. Day. I question the absolute lunacy of how I can possibly exist… Oh God, it’s too much for me to handle”; “I used to be that way, but I stopped”; “It was arduous… but the overall experience served as potent metaphysical food”.

Yoga Asanas and Meditation for 20 Weeks Can Increase Your Consciousness Quotient

An experimental group was trained one hour per session, 3 days per week for 20 weeks, with a set of yoga exercises that included a brief lecture on yoga, 7 yogasanas (Siddhasan, Sarvangasan, Bhujangasan, Paschimottanasan, Padahastasan, Ardhamatsyendrasan and Shavasan) and a meditation based on sound, as trained in the oriental philosophy of Saints (Radhasoami Faith). The results showed a significant increase in the CQ scores, after the intervention.

Contemplative Exercises Once a Week for 8 Weeks Didn’t Increase the Consciousness Quotient

This study specifically aimed to find out the consciousness quotient and intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship skills of participants prior to and after exposure to transformative consciousness exercises. The intervention was designed using the Transformative Consciousness Modules developed by Stephen Wolinsky. The sessions were conducted for 4,5 hours, once a week, for 8 weeks. The results showed that this type of intervention didn’t produce the necessary impact to increase Consciousness Quotient.