Awakeness has no image, yet – like a mirror – it unites, reflects, and transforms our imaginations, causing love and awe; by sharing awakeness, the delusions of separation dissolve, awakening and enlightening our selves and all of humankind.

This simple way of being together has reliably allowed anyone interested to experience a mirror-like ‘awakeness’ with others inside of 90 minutes. Collaborating on being awake as awareness awakens our minds to the primordial nature of mind, the relative becomes conscious of the absolute. Give it a try for free and you will see. Experience gradually establishes a habit that becomes your new normal. This can take many years. Still, it is a true path to a pathless Peace and unconditioned LOVE which is ripe to be shared by ALL.

Weekly – every Sunday – at 6pm UTC – on Zoom [] for 2 hours.
Confirm your participation at least 48 hrs before, by sending an email to 
Be sure to listen to these guidelines, well-before joining a group. 
Please, be on time.

This practice is given to you for free. For donations use the following PayPal link.
To schedule private one-on-one time click here ($150 usd in advance for a 90 min. meeting).

“Be interested, give attention until a current of mutual understanding is established. Then the sharing will be easy. As a matter of fact, all realization is only sharing. You enter a wider consciousness and share in it.” (Nisargadatta, “I Am That” ).
By sharing awareness consciously together, we awaken to who and what we all truly are, an ‘enlightening’ universal intelligence appearing as uniquely individuating minds and bodies. This exercise practice was derived by trial and error with the help of thousands of people over nearly forty years. Self-realization does happen and it becomes permanent.

We all understand what it means to give our undivided attention when we are listening carefully to someone. Instead of meditating on our breath or on a candle flame, we begin a process of zeroing in on sharing undivided attention.

By focusing moment to moment on sharing a sense of rapport with everyone in the group, we get better at it. This alters our experience of what it means to be conscious with at least one other person. The more we share a sense of undivided attention with everyone in the group, the more we share a sense of breathing together, of feeling together.

This is a subtle process, and allows for a deepening sense of relaxation and the gradual development of “effortless concentration.”

These testimonials help us understand what is possible for you and all of us

Examples of gatherings:
Sharing Awareness (19:03 min)

Q&A on How to Sustain Unity Consciousness (11:38min)

Co-Creative consciousness (3:27 min)

Sperry Andrews, co-director of the Human Connection Institute

1) Please be on time, with your microphone and webcam working, and your face lit UP.
2) When not speaking, we share unbroken eye-contact with whoever’s speaking. By deeply relaxing we support the growth of our ‘commonsense’ by simply noticing together.
3) Whenever we do speak, we gaze into our webcam lens with unbroken eye contact, each taking our turn to describe what we all seem to be sensing, feeling, and realizing together as a group – as it is happening, as we are speaking – without referring to the past or future, eliminating all “I” statements, in a tone of voice that is clear and easily heard.
4) By behaving in these somewhat unfamiliar ways, we learn to be more alert. We each do what we can to further focus the group on what we’re noticing together intersubjectively.

More information about the methodology of this exercise is available below.
The Group Insight Game: