Research Findings|March 5, 2011

The Consciousness Quotient – a new predictor of students’ academic performance

by Ovidiu Brazdau, Cristian Mihai
Paper presented at the Teachers for the Knowledge Society Conference – 2011, 17-19 March, Sinaia, Romania.


The purpose of this study is to establish the practical usage of the Consciousness Quotient in the field of educational psychology. The basic hypothesis of this study was to determine the incremental validity brought by the Consciousness Quotient in the prediction of academic performance. The study is based on 138 participants from the Ecological University of Bucharest, Romania. The “Consciousness Quotient Inventory” (CQ-i) and “General Ability Measure for Adults” (GAMA) are used to evaluate the Consciousness Quotient and the Intelligence Levels. The results confirm the influence of the Consciousness Quotient in academic performance appraisal.

Published in Elsevier – Procedia: Social and Behavioral Science 11 (2011).


The conference Teachers for the Knowledge Society is the closing conference of a two year EU project: Training the MST Teachers through a Master Program for the Knowledge Society organized by P.G. University of Ploiesti, Romania. It is also intended to be a starting point for a series of events dedicated to improve teacher education programs.

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