by Ovidiu Brazdau, Petru Madalin Constantinescu, Iuliana Constantinescu, Andreea Butucescu, Ramona Sbircea

DOI information: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.04.324

After developing the Consciousness Quotient Inventory – CQ-i (Brazdau, 2009), research showed the need for improvement. The purpose of the current studies was to adapt and improve the CQ-i by revealing how a demographically heterogeneous participant group (N=12) cognitively evaluate the life situations described by the CQ-i items. The CQ-i was revised twice in the light of the newest literature on conscious experience (Study #1) and using Willis’ cognitive interviewing methodology (1999), by conducting individual cognitive interviews, the CQ-i (Study #2) was further improved. As a result, the format and the content of the items have been significantly improved.