Acting out key dream situations to reexperience them emotionally and energy-wise, and sometimes to re-enact resolutions to dream issues.

This is how you can do it:

•  Do Objectifying and Following the Dream Ego
•  Create an effective attitude and action for the dream ego to use in resolving a key issue
•  Use a director to direct dream group members to enact in simplified form for ten minutes the dream scene
•  Reenact again for ten minutes but first asking what the dreamer would like to change in action and attitude
•  The director enhances the drama as necessary during the process, going for a resolution
•  The dreamer gives his or her experience followed by each person involved or watching also speaking
•  How does the enactment resolve the issues?

Educational objectives:

Dream ego original dream reaction and new drego action
Resolving key dream and life issues
Emotional release
Archetypal pattern shifts
Learning effectiveness in dreams and life
Experiencing the dream with affect
Participating directly in dreams and life

Learning to cope with conflicts and tensions
Experiencing directly new potential

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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