Re-enacting chosen dream behavior in daily life.

This is how you can do it:

• After using other dreamwork methods summarize the dreamwork insights and do any of the following
• List parallels from dream ego behavior and dream issues to waking life and personality
• Discard habits and behaviors based on the dreamwork discoveries
• Create new behaviors and principles to live by
• Write down or tell another a specific action, choice or practice you will undertake within a definite time
• Record and tell significant results from the new actions, attitudes and principles
• Look for changes in dream ego behavior in new dreams

Educational objectives:

Objectifying dream actions for re-enacting
Grounding dream insights in daily life practice
Personality change and development following dream actions and dream ego activity
Development of character and personality through commitment to reality

Getting out of the interpretive, rational mode into direct action and dealing with consequences
Vitalizing one’s personality and life with new creative activity originated from dreams and dreamwork
Evoking future dreaming on the issues and actions practiced

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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