Psychology of Becoming Conscious I: Inner Growth Journeys

This is a collection of research notes about Growing Up journeys. I use an experience-based terminology to describe the developmental dynamics related to Self-identity, and I try to speak directly to the lived experience, without using complex linguistic frameworks, such as “bottom-up theory” or “phenomenological approach”.

Psychology of Becoming Conscious III: Patterns of Transformation

I have described here some of the processes and the patterns of inner transformation, which I have researched and observed both in myself and in other people with whom I have connected. Some of these patterns are already mentioned by other researchers on human development (Terri O’Fallon and Susanne Cook-Greuter), or they have been mentioned in some spiritual texts (e.g. Satprem).

Psychology of Becoming Conscious IV: Psychological Explanations of Inner Growth Challenges that are Currently Labeled as Psychiatric Conditions

Understanding what really happens inside the experience labeled as “delusion” may be useful for psychiatrists and psychologists. Eleven experiences that are currently labeled as delusions are explained, including an 8-step method to get out of delusions.