Psychology of Becoming Conscious I: Inner Growth Journeys

This is a collection of research notes about Growing Up journeys. I use an experience-based terminology to describe the developmental dynamics related to self-identity. I try to speak directly to the lived experience, without using complex linguistic frameworks, such as “bottom-up theory” or “phenomenological approach”.

Psychology of Becoming Conscious II: Awakening Journeys

Each of the transformative experiences described in this research has different degrees of depth and involves various unfolding ways. As some of them are quite rare and I could find no appropriate descriptions in Eastern or Western literature, I include here my subjective perspective and some of my field notes, to support future researchers in exploring these openings.

Psychology of Becoming Conscious III: Psychological Explanations of Inner Growth Challenges That Could Develop Into Psychiatric Conditions

The following explanations of ‘delusions’ are provided in the context of inner growth. Many delusions are rooted in ideas that are not fundamentally ‘wrong’, but problems emerge because these ideas tend to loop in people’s minds and to attract too much psychic energy, narrowing the attention and reducing the contextual overview.