Between 2016-2020, the feedback interface of the CQ-i was used by people who took the test to send us their feedback for each item, or the entire testing experience. We used this feedback to improve the test quality. Thank you!

These are some of the thoughts we received:

This is contradictory…

Every. Other. Day. I question the absolute lunacy of how can I possibly exist. .. Oh God, it’s too much for me to handle

I enjoyed it, thank you for making it available. It seems important to tease these things out. It will be helpful to share indicators of ways to improve various scores, and also, share models of people and their behaviors, thoughts and feelings at the various percentiles. It will also be interesting to trend the results over time. Thank you!


It made me even more self-aware. 🙂

Responses can be biased if the respondent doesn’t know themselves very well. In other words, being able to correctly identify the answer to those questions in relation to how and what one feels, one must first be able to feel and be aware of one’s self.

I remember my thoughts and feelings, even assign a colour to the situation, but I am more focused inward, therefore I don’t notice the surroundings so well

it is full of wonderful meanings, but not spiritual

Great opportunity to get a professional reflection of myself on different and complex levels!
How about some suggestions to improve myself on each of the above chapters? At least, this is my feeling right now: ok, 75.2%, now what?! Because I definitely want to get better 🙂 Thank you!

The test takes a bit too long and even though I understand the methodology requirements for doubling certain questions as a verification means (or splitting concepts to get into more detail), I believe the whole questionnaire can be shortened (and still yield the same results). Unless there’s more to it than meets the eye 🙂 It was interesting, by all means, since there were matters I have never considered before – thus, I believe it is quite helpful to people who strive to quit living their lives as spectators to a film they have no control of. Thank you.

I learned a lot about me. I never asked so many questions myself.

Don’t really know what you mean by energy

I attribute meaning to actions, not objects

Philosophically speaking, I am a thorough-going materialist, and therefore I had problems with the flavour of many of the questions.

I’m a Muslim, so I believe that there is only One God and that what Islam says is true, I believe, and stick to it, too. But outside of that, yes I do realize that there are multiple perspectives, even if I don’t agree with them, that is why I agree there are multiple perspectives not necessarily truths though.

University has severely broadened my perception of other races, social statuses, etc

Why would anyone do that?

Yes yes yes! Finally, someone understands me!

It’s something called the soul, right? Let it live unbridled

Sometimes knowing or understanding the question is half the answer

Spending even 30 min talking comfortably with a complete stranger breaks down quite a number of barriers, including some preconceived notions, emotional and psychological ones too, I find

Thanks to this question/ statement, I am now able to understand what my mind has been doing pretty much MY WHOLE LIFE. I just didn’t know that others did it, it mattered, it had a name, etc

Woman, *smirk*, do men do this too? I wonder if they have deep, drawn out convos like we women do…

Willful ignorance aside (such a vile action), I think even researching what you already hold to be true/valuable/worthwhile is VERY helpful. Why? Because then you have now a detailed description of how others view this value or belief or idea. It helps in ranking your place among others, your beliefs and how people see them can aid you in addressing this topic with other people. I hope I make sense here.

Yeah, one word. Homoeroticism…

I list everyone I spoke to everyday and what they were like / how they make me feel or how I perceive them / anything else

Did you know that skin cells contain the ability to RECORD your actions? BONKERS I tell ya. Why? Because this supports the belief in Islam (stated in the Quran) that on the day of judgment, the skin will talk, the hands, the eyes, etc about what the body committed of good and bad. SO COOL. We now have welcomed evidence 🙂

My University experience summed up & I’m only here for a year and a half.

The vibe they give off? Is that what you’re trying to say buddy?

I model my responses after other experts in the area of my subject or the people online, depending on context and the victim of my advice, lol

Great explanation of ‘people see what they wanna see’

I wish I were better at this. Depends really. If we are talking about rocket science, I’ll shut up, listen and absorb without question. Religion, on the other hand, not so much. I guess the nearer and dearer the topics, the harder to restrain from reacting emotionally ey?

They’re like children psh aww, how cute

The particular wording of the questions and the sequence of those questions re-introduced me to external reference points for my self-contemplation.

Easy to read, and answer, quick responses on all questions, surprised at answers but are conscious about things, thank you for providing this quiz

For me it was a bit long, took me more than 3 hours on two days, but i know I’m slow. I liked that there are questions that showed me multiple aspects to pay attention to, that I didn’t know about. I didn’t read the results yet but the numbers are 40-60%. Planing to take the test again next year, because there were many questions I wasn’t sure of the answer. Thank you for this test

This seems to be a test of self-awareness, (self-consciousness) more than a test of consciousness. Many of the social questions did not apply, it forced me into answers even though the situations don’t occur in my life. When one is sensitive, and the feelings of others impact you heavily it becomes necessary to deliberately mute them in order to maintain one’s sense of self. (turning a blind eye) Your questionnaire did not cover ‘modes’ of thought, free will/chaos and other aspects of the conscious experience. The input of the microbiome was not mentioned.

What do you mean by full of mystery? is it the idea of feeling puzzled about life events? or the idea life is full of surprises, and there is always a possibility of multiple realities, meaning, many ways things can unfold during the day.

I don’t understand this question well.
I mean not question, but statement.

Not a very clear statement to me. does it mean just live from day to day? or does it mean, be myself, embrace my sense of being, feeling alive, and allow myself to “bloom”, and by that being connected with the rest of the universe?

And this is exactly what people value and love about me most, brutal honesty and the awkwardness that comes with it ! Yay me :}

I realize that some questions were repeated twice, which is nice, it helps get better accuracy. I found the test very long, and enjoyed realizing how my feelings fluctuated with the idea that “this is taking longer than I thought.”I was aware of that change of emotions while taking the test, and that awareness is good! I was also aware that I felt like this, not because I am an impatient person, but because my mind was thinking about how much I needed to study for my midterm; then I was able to validate those feelings and then let them go and stay on the test to read and answer to the best of my abilities. I think this is the beauty of consciousness. 🙂 I rated my consciousness 8/10 and my score is 84.86%

I am well aware that there are always multiple perspectives on one same event, but I personally believe there is just one universal truth about an event, and perspectives are just different interpretations of that same truth. So answering this question is confusing, because I would choose ‘definitely yes’ because I am aware there are multiple perspectives but I would choose ‘definitely no’ because I believe there is just one truth. It’s true that all the different perspectives are ‘real’ and they actually exist, but that doesn’t mean any of them are ‘true’.

They are rather distorted interpretations of the same absolute truth, and if we put all of them together that will bring us closer to this truth. For example, a car crashing in a tree happens in just one way – which is the absolute truth, even if different people witnessing the even see it differently, the car crash only happened in just one way. The only field that I am aware that multiple truths do exist would be quantum mechanics, where particles sometimes act like they’re in two places at once, or can act both as a wave or as a particle at the same time and so on. I’m sorry if my feedback was over detailed, but I believe using actual examples clarifies my statement. Thank you.

I find this question conflicting, because I find the world definitely full of meaning, but I don’t believe it’s friendly, rather neutral, because it has bad parts and good parts, in different quantities.

Thank you. That was fun and a great tool for introspection and self-assessment.

Great….. And I think That We have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness, to make sure it continues into the future. Like light, consciousness illuminates. It makes the world manifest. “It is the Universe knowing itself.” Carl Sagan

I felt a change of pace, increased awareness, self-assessment and assumption.

It was a good experience, but was too many questions!

I think that… THIS IS ME. Congratulation for this CQ-test.


I felt good. I understand now, what is to be aware and I will practice it more often from now on. thank you!

I have moments when I feel I am one not with everything but with valuables things.

This experience was amazing! I just recommended to my entire family! Thank you very much.

I found some of the answers given to choose from didn’t fit exactly with the type of answer I wanted to give.

It was a great experience… it made me reflect. I am Norwegian living in the US… while this test was in English… it was easy to understand.

Nothing major, really. I did feel that many of the questions were awkwardly worded, though.

Educational experience, but there were too many questions.

Thank you for making this test available, I’m not in a relationship so one question was not relevant. The rest of the test was easy and flowed. It made you think and be present

Awesome test. Grateful you have taken the time to compile this. Thank you.

Too long, but great.

“Full of mystery” can have positive or negative connotations… this needs to be defined in this statement.

I detect repetitive thoughts, but changing is harder.

This question assumes you have friends or family that offer to help.

Every solution is a probable solution.

Again this will depend on whether I wish to contemplate a repetitive thought or not.

The question is, do I notice?

There are six questions that I really do not understand so I took the answer definitely no.

Why repeat the same exact question?

Quite interesting way of looking at things… it made me feel safe. Still… many questions! 🙂

Please fire the hippie writing 1/3rd of these questions.

Thank you for this free test. It is very easy to sway the results of this test; one must be very diligent in answering honestly/ not deceiving oneself! I think one’s self-concept can skew the results in a more tricky way. If I tend towards more self-hatred or praise it definitely shows in my answer, also depending on the current mood.

Thank you for making this test available, I’m not in a relationship so one question was not relevant. The rest of the test was easy and flowed. It made you think and be present.

It was arduous… but the overall experience served as potent metaphysical food.

Everything you know will be wrong in 1000yrs.

This question doesn’t make sense. People can’t help but advise from their own perspective. The thing to do is listen to their advice and determine if it suits who you are.

The wording makes it unclear whether you’re asking, “Do I think about my principles (even though they might not be balanced), or “Do I wonder if my principles are balanced?”

I have no idea what this could possibly mean. It sounds as if you actually, legitimately see light beaming off of people, but I know that’s not what this means. Can’t figure it out!

I used to be that way but I stopped.

Do not know what to answer. I tend to judge myself, but I often just disregard it after.

That one was meant for Harry Potter.