Entheogenic Insights I: Psychology of DMT/Ayahuasca Experience

The Psychology of the DMT/Ayahuasca experience is an experiential harmonics theory, based on a vibrational view of subjective experience (generated either by exogenous plants or endogenous processes). Some of the principles listed here are well-known facts, but the idea was to include only the facts that are necessary and sufficient to make sense of the DMT experience.

Entheogenic Insights II: Some Methods to Access and Consciously Use “Psychedelic Visions”, Without Exogenous Psychedelics

This is a manifesto for an active attitude toward psychedelic experiences. The usual “safe” way is to prepare the set and the setting, then to let go, and let the plants do the work. My view is that we can consciously co-participate in the psychedelic experience flow, while we maintain a flexible-fluidic configuration. We can be “the shaman” and “the journeyer”, simultaneously.

Entheogenic Insights III: Depth Perception, Space Awareness, and Other Visual Explorations

These explorations started as a result of entheogenic experiences that showed me new perceptual ways of connecting with reality. I like to think of this research as a tribute to Patanjali and the wisdom of Yoga Sutras.