by Hala Sahib Abdul Sattar, Hadeel Kadhim Saaed
University of Baghdad, Faculty of Administration and Economics, Iraq

Research published in “International Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities” 2019, Vol. No. 9, Issue No. I, Jan-Mar.

The study measured the self-awareness levels of the leaders of the Iraqi Petroleum Products Distribution Company, using the CQ-i assessment. The research was conducted on a random sample of 101 members representing the company’s senior leaders (general managers, department heads, other officials).

– The results showed that the leaders of the Petroleum Products Company have self-awareness, personal ownership and clear and independent charisma, which enable them to take regulatory actions and decisions without hesitation.
– The company’s leaders have the mental abilities as indicated by the results, which enable them to think scientifically and rationally in the problems facing them.
– The members of the research sample possess a spiritual awareness that nurtures their self and personality and build their future through high confidence in their actions and openness to creative ideas that give new opportunities that can be invested in the company.
– The results showed the interest of the research team in human relations and the importance of effective communication between individuals on one hand and the divisions and divisions of the company on the other to generate effective and fruitful cooperation that benefits the company as a whole.
– There is a decline in the interest of members of the research sample physical awareness in general, despite the attention of the leaders of the company’s physical health as an important part to maintain the work without delay.

– Develop development training programs for conscious leadership concepts involving vertical development (mental development) rather than horizontal development (skills development and professional competencies), with joint leaders having the actual willingness to develop themselves and change their worldview.
– To direct the attention of the leaders within the company to search for the most successful tools to help carry out work in the light of environmental changes and to adhere to the development of skills and knowledge to achieve growth and sustainability.

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