Courses for intentional evolution, based on scientific approaches to psychological development:

  • “Generating Transformative Change”, by Pacific Integral / Terri O’Fallon.
  • “45 Days to Awakening Challenge” and “Finders Course”, by Jeffery Martin.
  • “Leadership Maturity Coaching”, by Vertical Development Academy / Susanne Cook-Greuter.

Generating Transformative Change, by Pacific Integral

“Over the past 16 years, through over twenty-nine programs delivered on three continents, GTC has developed into one of the most powerful, awakening, and mature learning journeys available today. GTC graduates are extraordinary professionals of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and from many parts of the world. They share a common desire…. to transform themselves, their organizations, communities and our human consciousness, motivated by a vision of a more beautiful, equitable and sustainable future for all.

When you join one of our programs, you will meet other individuals who are awakening to new versions of self, relationship, systems, conception, innovation and the spirit of love for the whole. You will complete GTC with more awareness, aliveness, and vision for your own role in bringing about positive evolution for planetary life. And you will leave with the practical knowledge, skills and a community of support, to help make your vision a reality.”

Other courses, workshops, and developmental stages assessments offered by STAGES International (Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta):

Transformative Courses developed by Jeffery Martin

45 Days to Awakening Challenge

“Get the remarkable wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits that have been historically associated with states such as enlightenment, persistent mysticism, and nonduality – without it taking years and having to follow a bunch of religious or spiritual dogma.

45 Days to Awakening is a 6-week, lower cost successor to the landmark Finders Course that also helps people transition to Fundamental Wellbeing (i.e.: persistent awakening, nonduality, enlightenment, the peace that passeth understanding, and similar ways of experiencing the world) rapidly, safely, and reliably. The course is 100% secular and built on data from the world’s largest scientific research project in this area, which has included thousands of participants spread across 6 continents. Research showed that using it, 64% of people transitioned to Fundamental Wellbeing, and another 26% experienced temporary forms of Fundamental Wellbeing. 98% of participants rated themselves grateful they took the program.”

Finders Course

“The Finders Course is the first universally effective course that helps people transition to Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE) rapidly, safely, and reliably.

Through the Finders Course, we provide the most effective technologies for creating permanent positive shifts in peace of mind, mental balance, life satisfaction and happiness. From ancient practices to cutting edge science, our programs help you to assemble a personalized program to reach your goals. In our courses, online platforms and mobile tools, you’ll find a community of like minded adventurers on the same journey.”

Leadership Maturity Coaching, by Vertical Development Academy

“The coach celebrates prevailing strengths and values that will facilitate growth. Our coaching approach enables our clients to work at a deeper level in understanding life and relationship challenges, and understanding these in terms of meaning-making. In the process, they become more self-aware and are better able to navigate the increasing challenges and complexities of their world. The coaching process also supports clients to become more reflective, and to challenge and alter the views or beliefs they begin to see as limiting. Our clients find it revealing and relieving to have an orientation map that tells them where they have come from, where they are, and what might be ahead for them. Underlying our coaching approach is the intensive learning and awareness process each of our coaches has engaged with over time.

They are chosen for their track records and, as first-hand observers of their clients’ transformation, they carry a deep personal commitment to our maturity framework. VeDA’s Leadership Maturity Coaches are trained to observe:

• What clients pay attention to and what they do not yet notice
• How clients describe their experience,
• The complexity of their reasoning
• What values they hold dear, and how tightly they hold these values
• Where they place responsibility and control
• What time horizons they act from: immediate, medium, long-term
• How they deal with uncertainty or ambiguity
• What causes them distress, fear, and concern
• What coping and defense strategies they use in challenging situations
• How readily they acknowledge or express mistakes and limitations
• In sum: how they feel about and respond to self, work, others, in ordinary and exceptional life situations

VeDA’s Leadership Maturity Coaching approach uses all these elements to create the right conditions for leaders to develop toward what is next in their development.”

Do you want to assess your stage of development?

“Your Maturity Profile (MAP) shows how far you have matured through the stages of human development. Based on rigorous research, the MAP provides a fine-tuned and nuanced developmental profile, offering quantitative and qualitative insights. The MAP Experience is conducted online via our secure MAP platform. After you receive the MAP report, a certified Leadership Maturity Coach (LMC) will meet with you to debrief your MAP results, as well as work with you on your developmental goals.”

If you know other courses focused on intentional evolution, based on psychological development research, please let us know and we’ll include them here. Thank you.