by Ovidiu Brazdau, Cristian-Dan Opariuc

We analyzed a preliminary sample of N=1312 people who completed the CQ-i online assessment. For various reasons, we decided to remove these items from the CQ-i v.2016.

The results are interesting, although the sample is skewed toward a higher CQ (from our observations, most of the respondents are interested in personal development or already working with themselves):

Item: When I am sick I am connecting with my body and I am deliberately activating the inner healing process.

  • No: 447 (34%)
  • Yes: 885 (66%)

I have experienced moments when I felt like I had no ego, when I was one with the entire world (peak experience, transpersonal experiences).

  • No: 470 (36%)
  • Yes: 842 (64%)

It happens that when someone is looking at me from a distance, I automatically look in his/her direction.

  • No: 193 (15%)
  • Yes: 1119 (85%)

I have a strong commitment to act according to universal ethical principles.

  • No: 248 (19%)
  • Yes: 1064 (81%)

I realize that people are at different levels of development (psychological, emotional, spiritual, etc.)

  • No: 42 (3%)
  • Yes: 1270 (97%)

Spirituality is, for me, helping people and taking care of them.

  • No: 378 (29%)
  • Yes: 934 (71%)

I use the expression: “You are wrong.”

  • No: 856 (65%)
  • Yes: 456 (35%)

I do not have a fear of death.

  • No: 632 (48%)
  • Yes: 680 (52%)

I could live happily, even without having any of the things I have right now.

  • No: 566 (43%)
  • Yes: 746 (57%)

I have experienced moments of telepathy that were confirmed by the other person.

  • No: 420 (32%)
  • Yes: 892 (68%)

During everyday activities, I have experienced moments when I felt that my bioenergy is connected to the bioenergy of another person.

  • No: 501 (38%)
  • Yes: 811 (62%)

I have selected my own values based upon my own analysis instead of just taking for granted the values of the groups I belong to (e.g., my family, friends, education, etc.).

  • No: 125 (10%)
  • Yes: 1187 (90%)

I have carefully designed my own perspective on life on Earth and my role here on Earth.

  • No: 498 (38%)
  • Yes: 814 (62%)

I think that the world is just (fair) for everyone.

  • No: 685 (52%)
  • Yes: 627 (48%)

This item was developed to explore a “western spirituality” bias. E.g. kids who die of starvation in Africa don’t “deserve” to die, and the world is not “fair” for them.