Human Connection Institute

The Human Connection Institute is an internationally-based institute exploring how every man, woman, and child is linked by our innate capacity for being collectively conscious. We have found that how we pay attention to ourselves, to one another and to nature determines the quality of our relationships in concrete tangible ways. Our research spans all the branches of science exploring inter-subjectively as well as objectively why we have avoided sharing a common sense, how we have been designed by nature to unlearn this habit, and how our interconnectedness can be felt and thought intuitively by every human being.

Thirty years of trial and error research with hundreds of multicultural groups has shown how to live in harmony. As millions of us learn to pay attention together this promises to eliminate poverty, pollution, disease, crime and war. Rapid decision making in business allows organizations to by-pass hours of meeting time. By effortlessly producing and attracting beneficial behavior patterns, these processes strengthen originality and authenticity for creative development in families, relationships, communities and problem solving in politics, including optimum performance in sports and any type of collaborative activity from surgical teams to symphony orchestras.

Sperry Andrews
U.S.A. Skype #: 505-629-0700 

Iolee R&D

Iolee is a collaborative ecosystem for learning, research and product development. Our programs aim at cultivating the personal and social resiliency capable of resolving the complex challenges currently facing humanity. Contributing our innovative approach, ensures participants acquire the ability to comprehend and implement solutions that restore balance. This adds value to our own lives, and the lives of participants in our programs. We hope this will in time reflect in positive shifts in our planet’s Eco-system. Neither we or our partners can make change happen on a global level all on our own.

Carlo Monsanto

DMT Quest

DMT Quest is non-profit research and educational organization that focuses on discovering innate pathways to unveil the mysteries of human perception as well as potential. The mission encompasses truths so deep that they can seem “movie-like” at times. It signifies the ultimate quest for answers about life. It will comprise of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of the mechanisms related to and responsible for internal dimethyltryptamine (DMT) production within the human body.

We believe that the significance regarding naturally produced DMT is potentially far greater than simply providing “hallucinatory” visions within the mind. A combination of transparency in terms of lab results, finances, open discussion, and the journey of the study in video documentary format (as well as audio/written) will provide the platform for the general public to comprehend the implications.

John Chavez