Attention to Attention: An Introduction to Attention Styles, Open Focus and Object-Less Imagery

Attention to attention and attention training represent an experiential-subjective and neurofeedback-objective voyage through an uncharted and vast awareness-space, an awareness-space limited only by walls of attentional bias and habit. Never did a brighter ray of promise light our way to human optimization and conscious evolution than does practicing and researching the characteristics of attention and attention to attention.

CQ-i Score Classification and Standardization

CQ-i scores are classified into six intervals with inclusive labels, that were selected to reflect the evolution in the capacity for being conscious. We limited the number of score categories for practical purposes so that the test-takers would get a meaningful interpretation of their scores. The 6-level classification is the same for the global score and the scales scores.

Awake! The Evolutionary Self-Discovery Test

AWAKE!—The Evolutionary Self-Discovery Test ©—is a sentence completion test composed of 177 stems, designed to explore conscious and non-conscious facets of your inner world. The test can be used for self-discovery and co-evolution, by everyone interested in igniting in-depth conversations about conscious evolution.

Consciousness Sutras: Principles of Becoming Conscious

The Consciousness Sutras are a compilation of principles describing conscious experience and inner evolution. They were developed to serve as an experiential guideline for psychologists, transformational counselors, life coaches, and people who are on transformational journeys, and want to know more about what and why is happening during inner evolution.