Hello beautiful soul!

Are you looking to explore your potential as a human being? Have you experienced an awakening, or an ‘ego death’? Maybe you need answers to your existential questions, to ponder what really matters in your life, and you seek someone to accompany you on the journey. Or you may be just curious? You are welcome here.

I’m Ovidiu, a researcher, psychologist, and explorer. I’ve discovered for myself, and in working with people from all walks of life, that the path of self-discovery is both exciting and challenging. On the path of conscious evolution many people experience uncertainty and unfamiliar experiences. They need to figure out what’s happening to them and talk with someone who has been through similar challenges.

So, here you are, and here I am, sharing myself and a counseling framework designed to assist you. I call this ‘existential guidance’ and it has emerged from my experiential research on conscious evolution, described in the consciousness sutras.

Why existential discussions?

Over the years, I have observed the needs of people who are on the path of conscious evolution. In seeking support from a therapist, they are initially interested in solving a specific problem. However, the root problem seems to be the same: not knowing that similar challenges occur in all humans when they decide to evolve and become more conscious.

First, I would like you to consider this. Fundamentally, here on Earth, we are all part of a single life form, embodying millions of species. In every human being, there are collective dynamics unfolding. This inner evolution is a reflection of collective evolution.

During the last millennia, Life has increased its evolutionary drives toward expanding consciousness. Conscious intelligence is evolving throughout all species, at various rates. The human species has developed on a path that is not in harmony with itself and with all other living species, but we are distinctive as humans. We are the only species that can see and reflect on the magnificent beauty of all life on Earth. We also seek to understand our cosmic purpose, why are we here, and how the entire universe works.

Second, inner evolution in humans has two main components: inner growth and awakening journeys. Inner growth (growing up) is a journey toward maturity, by learning to develop a harmonic, healthy, and fluid self-identity. The awakening journey (waking up) adds new depths and facets to our conscious experience of being alive, open, and connected with life and to ourselves.

In our existential discussions, we look at these evolutionary paths and how they unfold in you. Even though the inner evolution milestones are the same for all humans, we do have some degree of free will: you are the only one who can decide your evolutionary path, how fast to advance, and how conscious and free you want to be.

  • Inner Growth, the journey toward psychological maturity and a fluid self-identity, unfolds in developmental stages, from birth to adulthood. Developmental psychologists have identified specific characteristics for each stage, which seem to be similar among all the people at that specific stage of inner growth and maturity, in all cultures. The healthy transition through stages develops in a logical sequence. In the journey toward maturity, there are two steps in each transition through developmental stages: vertical development, a structural shift in meaning-making, and horizontal development, an exploration of the world using the same configuration of being-thinking-feeling-sensing-acting-relating. Both are important and necessary for a healthy evolution of personality. In our existential discussions, I prefer to use the 9-stages model developed by Susanne Cook-Greuter, or the ‘spiral dynamics’ model.
  • Awakening journeys consist of a continuum of openings and insights about the functioning of Life and nature. Each awakening is a transformative experience, felt as a transition toward a more complex and deeper awareness. Awakenings are natural evolutionary processes, each one making a specific contribution to the collective self-reflection process. During my research, I have identified at least 20 types of awakening journeys and their specific challenges. While the inner growth unfolds in stages, awakenings happen either sequentially or, sometimes, simultaneously. New awakenings can occur even if previous openings have not been habituated. Each opening has various depths, and it takes time to integrate it. After integration, the new conscious awareness skills lead to lifestyle changes and new awakeness styles.
  • These are possible estimates for the rate of transformation: it takes at least six to eight months to change a habit; at least five years to transition from a developmental stage of maturity to the next, if the circumstances are favorable, or at least two-three years if the person is doing vertical transformative work under supervision; at least one or two years to integrate a transformative experience; and at least three to five years after an awakening experience. These are highly subjective estimates and depend on the time allocated to inner work and practice.


Starting from your current needs, I assist you to learn the psychology of inner evolution and the human evolution maps. Thus, your transition toward inner harmony can be easy to manage and without undue suffering. These are some specific situations that can be aided by the psychology of conscious evolution:

  • To understand how collective mechanisms and patterns generate your personal-subjective experience, and how Life on Earth unfolds in you and as you.
  • To advance toward self-autonomy, identify your blind spots, and get out of certain growth loops that seem to appear again and again in your transformational journey.
  • To get rid of depression meds by learning to balance your aliveness energy.
  • When you have received diagnoses or labels such as bipolar, schizo, borderline, etc., and the people around you don’t understand or see you for who you really are.

  • In navigating psychedelic experiences safely, or integrating entheogenic experiences.
  • When you need to extend your experiential vocabulary, fill the gaps in your understanding, and express your experiences in words.
  • When your life seems to break down and there are systemic existential contradictions that seem unsolvable.
  • When you want to dive deeper into yourself to discover the root causes of your existential questions/dilemmas.
  • If you want to do shadow work and integrate contents/patterns hidden from conscious experience by ego defense mechanisms (and work with your triggers).
  • When you feel the drive to open up, to invite various awakenings, and intentionally develop awakeness skills.
  • In managing the anxiety from your high sensitivity, to learn about HSPs (highly sensitive persons), and cope with the meaning overload from social interactions.
  • If you feel the need to find/choose your lifepath.
  • In learning to manage kundalini awakenings and kundalini spikes; and in developing fluidity in the energy body layer.
  • While developing skills for fast learning and evolution without drama.
  • In exploring conscious relationships for a deep soul-to-soul connection with your partner.
  • In working with automatic (unconscious) patterns, exploring dreams through dreamwork psychology, and reprograming the patterns that are not in harmony.
  • If you are on the brink of massive changes and need someone to accompany you while navigating through unknown inner spaces.

My counseling style

In our interactions, I use both directive and non-directive approaches. Some situations could require a very straightforward discussion related to specific challenges. In other cases, I may have a more receptive-inviting attitude and let you figure out the options for yourself.

Through our sessions, I identify the transformative waves that you are currently undergoing, and I share with you the experiential research about relevant topics. Additionally, I can recommend links to websites, books, or YouTube videos where people share and reflect upon similar experiences.

I would like you to know that I have trained myself to observe the root causes of various issues related to conscious evolution, and I usually recommend an intervention that harmonizes these root misalignments. Through this method, many other interconnected issues are solved, not just the matters already observed (If I did only one therapeutic ‘intervention’, what would that be?).

During our initial conversations, if needed, we work together to broaden your growth mindset, so that we can have meaningful and in-depth discussions without triggering your ego defense mechanisms. Chances are that you may get triggered by something I say (or how I say it), but we can communicate openly about this and explore together the why and how of our interaction, and what needs to be changed.

examples of existential guidance

If you work with your unconscious patterns and need to change a habit, but the process seems to be too slow, or not working:

  • I could help you reorganize your home. You could then throw away / donate things around you that are informationally connected to old patterns, which need to change. I have done this intervention many times, and the results are always excellent.

If you work with transgenerational patterns and need to understand your transgenerational schemes of thinking, feeling, sensing, and behaving:

  • In this situation, we would identify and analyze these patterns and where they come from. I could support you to re-write your unconscious thinking in a more harmonious way, to extract yourself from the transgenerational flow, and connect to the larger family of humankind.

If you are interested in vertical development (i.e., transitioning to self-autonomy, or the next stages of maturity):

  • We could assess your current developmental stage and determine any beneficial changes that can be made in order to expand your worldview. This involves the transition from ego-centric to world-centric or planet-centric perspectives.

If you are in a process called the ‘symbolic journey’:

  • We could work together to help you develop a map or a ‘theory of everything’. When the symbolic process is active, the person is in a state of cognitive amazement most of the time. Many people start to talk about resonance, symmetry, Fibonacci sequences, fractals, etc. They begin to see how everything relates to everything, and every part is simultaneously contained in every other part and in the whole. After the symbolic journey is completed, and a personal ‘theory of everything’ has emerged, a vertical shift occurs: the entire mind can become the ‘object of awareness’, and this shift activates a larger perspective, generating a more inclusive experience of being here-now.

If you are interested in differentiating between ‘my’ contents (my emotions, my thoughts) and externally induced contents (imprints from interactions with others’ emotions and thoughts):

  • In this situation, my intervention would be to help you develop your discrimination skills and improve your mental clarity. An effective practice that has been proven to work is to monitor your inner talk: after connecting with someone, notice if your mind tends to ‘talk’ with that person. If this is the case, switch the inner talk to self-reflection using a 3rd person perspective (talk with yourself about that person and the interactions with that person).

If you want to advance toward a conscious relationship style:

  • We could discuss ways to become fully responsible for your emotions and needs. In a conscious relationship, both partners have a growth mindset, oriented toward mutual co-evolution. The partners seek to empower each other, providing a space for their partner to evolve, while also enjoying the shared space. They appreciate what each partner provides, without forcing or manipulating the partner into desired behaviors or attitudes.

How can we explore together?

The first step is to know each other, and let me know about your journey, current needs, patterns, perspectives, and evolutionary skills. We use Awake!—The Evolutionary Self-Discovery Test to figure out where you are on the collective journey map. Then we have in-depth and meaningful conversations based on your current needs. Or, we can explore various topics related to inner evolution while advancing toward new territories.

Besides, if you need to find/choose a lifepath, we can work together to create an inner evolution plan for short, medium, or long-term timespans (of 1 year, 3 years, or 5-10 years). The plans might focus on finding/choosing the lifepath, awakening, and growing up, while living a meaningful and conscious life.

The initial discussion is exploratory, at no cost. The existential discussions usually last 1.5 hours/session, and the counseling fee is 70-100 €/session. Depending on how we advance together, we can have one or more sessions per week/month via Zoom or Signal. Also, we can meet in person and have a week-long intensive exchange with daily meetings, if you feel the drive to evolve faster.

We keep in touch by email between our meetings, as sometimes the after-meeting insights are more relevant than the discussion itself. It’s essential to allow the exchange to flow.

From my experience of guiding people in their self-discovery journeys, I have learned that guidance is not necessary, usually, on a long-term basis. There is an intense exchange in the first sessions, but afterward, only occasional check-ups are needed, as new challenges appear.

Also, while we are connected, please consider me as a friend who has more experience and is willing to share it—that’s all. I am not your therapist, coach, or teacher. Just another human whose life-long passion is the exploration and understanding of inner evolution. By becoming more conscious, we both support collective evolution and the blossoming of Life. So please, do your part, harmonize yourself, and spread your magic, and I’ll do mine. ❤

If you feel this existential approach could be helpful for you, let’s get in touch by email or through LinkedIn.

I am a licensed educational psychologist and vocational counselor, certified by the Romanian College of Psychologists. I also have a Ph.D. in psychological anthropology, and in-depth knowledge of transpersonal, integral, and dreamwork psychology.

Over time, I have transitioned from transpersonal psychology to purely experiential approaches, which integrate various insights and methods, drawing from consciousness studies, depth psychology, yoga, spirituality, philosophy, mysticism, entheogens, dance, authentic movement, music, non-dual approaches, and other paths that explore conscious evolution.

My growth journey toward maturity and inner harmony has been long and messy, with many ups and downs. Amazing insights and openings have unfolded, simultaneously with stressful entrepreneurial failures in Romania. These life events forced me to go deeper within myself, to be truthful, compassionate, flexible, and adapt to life as it is. Throughout this evolutionary process, I had an intense drive to understand collective evolution mechanisms and how they could generate our personal-subjective experiences.

The results of my experiential research on conscious evolution are described in my book—Consciousness Sutras, published in 2022 by Transpersonal Press. The consciousness sutras clarify and describe the structure and the layers of conscious experience, and their dynamics during inner evolution, while providing various first-person methodologies for their exploration. My research and writings are also available on medium.com.

Let’s awaken together!