Researching Reciprocal Leadership: Using the CQ-i as a Pilot Methodology to Explore Leadership with the Context of a School-University Partnership

This article looks at the potential of using an online self-completing inventory that measures leadership conscious awareness. The Consciousness Quotient inventory as a method for researching leadership is piloted between a university academic and a primary headteacher in the context of a school-university partnership. Pilot outcomes reveal that the inventory can be used as an evaluation of partnership work and ways of thinking about leadership on two levels: the personal and the partnership.

Conscious Leadership: Consciousness Quotient Measurement for Employees of Iraqi Oil Products Distribution Company

The study measured the self-awareness levels of the leaders of the Iraqi Petroleum Products Distribution Company, using the CQ-i assessment. The research was conducted on a random sample of 101 members representing the company’s senior leaders.

Awake! The Evolutionary Self-Discovery Test

AWAKE!—The Evolutionary Self-Discovery Test ©—is a sentence completion test composed of 177 stems, designed to explore conscious and non-conscious facets of your inner world. It was developed using the psychological knowledge of reciprocal learning, reciprocal leadership, and reciprocal mentoring. The test can be used for self-discovery and co-evolution by everyone interested in igniting in-depth conversations about conscious evolution.

In Search of Conscious Leadership: A Qualitative Study of Postsecondary Educational Leadership

The purpose of this study was to examine the leadership practices of postsecondary educational leaders who are practicing what can be described as responsible and accountable leadership or conscious leadership. Eight senior postsecondary leaders participated in face-to-face interviews designed to identify conscious leadership qualities and practices.

Leadership Approach in Relation to Consciousness Quotient: A Correlational Analysis

The study was designed to explore the relationship between the leadership approach of teacher trainees and the consciousness quotient. A descriptive survey was conducted on 100 teacher trainees (both male & female in the ratio of 1:1). The level of consciousness quotient of teacher trainees was assessed using Consciousness Quotient Inventory (CQ-i).