Contributing authors: Alison Crosthwait, Cornelia Cacu, Jana Dixon, Jeff Warren, John Chavez, John Rowan (Iain McNay), John Stewart, Keith Fiveson, Les Fehmi, Ovidiu Brazdau, Raluca Ciobanu, Sperry Andrews, [Strephon Kaplan-Williams], and ACISTE.

A Perspective on Autism, Deep Connection, and Pre-Conscious Awareness

We hope that the perspectives described here will be helpful for any adult interested in new ways to connect deeply with an individual on the autism spectrum. Our observations show that a deep connection style is already used by some therapists and family members of individuals on the autism spectrum, and those who seem to use this method, along with the classical approach, consistently produce excellent results. That has encouraged us to advance on this path and study the underlying mechanisms.