Transformational festivals: Jeet Kei Leung at TEDxVancouver

At TEDxVancouver 2010 Jeet Kei Leung takes the crowd on a journey through the world and experiences of transformational festivals!

Some key words:
… music, art, workshops, food, fashion, art everywhere, installations, performances, visionary art
health, harmony, direct experience
content rich reality
density of quality interactions
transformation through inspiration
the power of music, ecstatic dance all night long
music becomes the ocean
re-connection with primordial awareness…
participatory nature of dance-trance music and dance
outdoor experience of dancing all night
pagan, new age, eco-feminist influences
realignment with cosmic cicles
ancient tribual rituals
yes, it’s good to be alive, yes it’s good to be human
supported spiritual catharsis
broke through armour
momentary realization of the liberated world we would wish to live in
safe to let our guards down
exquisite overflowing love
critical thinking
rejoining of the Sacred Rituals & Secular

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