Sperry Andrews – Being Conscious Together

“This practice is about the quality of your awakeness inducing unity consciousness, by simply listening to yourself speak. It is not about the content of your mind, it is about us experiencing “who”s looking”. As “this” is rarely – if ever – done in conversation, it serves to further awaken our senses in surprising ways.This time together supports us to create a new habit. By learning to be aware of awakeness together, we learn to share a commonly sensed consciousness.

As unique individuating cells in the body of humanity, our creative freedom, love and joy rely on how we pay attention. What we pay attention to actually determines who and what we experience our selves to be. We are designed to “suffer” both attraction and avoidance – as pleasure and pain – whenever we do not perceive the whole of existence in an undivided way. It’s a little known fact that our best qualities can be amplified far beyond what most of us have ever experienced, simply by paying attention-to-attention itself. Experientially, undivided attention is indistinguishable from unconditional love and is the source of all recreative intelligence. We are designed to be an Enlightened Species: to be Awake as ONE and MANY.

As Director of the Human Connection Institute, Sperry Andrews has spent twenty-six years collaborating with eminent scientists and educators – internationally – conducting both objective and experiential research.”

For information on seminars and/or one-on-one counseling, he can be emailed via his contact information on http://www.connectioninstitute.org

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