Research Partners

Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies

Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies is a research center that positions itself as a central knowledge-hub within a peer-network which has a unique proposition. Thus Vetha aims at attracting more value added partners. We facilitate mentioned knowledge network to further mutual understanding among academic institutions, NGO’s, governments and business to co-create a more resilient social intelligence that can facilitate resolving current and future local and global challenges.

We are sensitive to the necessity of co-creating ongoing relationships with communities all over the world, to sincerely and respectfully establish bridges between different environments and cultures. We design our programs to be offered in-person, via multinational knowledge-hubs, through online-learning environments and as complementary modules for both traditional and alternative curriculums. Educational and research programs, schools, universities, (non)governmental organizations, corporations, municipalities and hospitals are the beneficiaries. We collaborate with our knowledge-partners, creating the conditions for innovation, sustainable development, change management and mutual prosperity. What’s more, we co-create the conditions and infrastructure by which collaborative exchange effectively takes place. Our programs are designed to be delivered internationally.

Contact Person:
Carlo Monsanto, Provost


Human Connection Institute

The Human Connection Institute is an internationally-based institute exploring how every man, woman, and child is linked by our innate capacity for being collectively conscious. We have found that how we pay attention to ourselves, to one another and to nature determines the quality of our relationships in concrete tangible ways.
 Our research spans all the branches of science exploring inter-subjectively as well as objectively why we have avoided sharing a common sense, how we have been designed by nature to unlearn this habit, and how our interconnectedness can be felt and thought intuitively by every human being.

Thirty years of trial and error research with hundreds of multicultural groups has shown how to live in harmony. As millions of us learn to pay attention together this promises to eliminate poverty, pollution, disease, crime and war. Rapid decision making in business allows organizations to by-pass hours of meeting time. By effortlessly producing and attracting beneficial behavior patterns, these processes strengthen originality and authenticity for creative development in families, relationships, communities and problem solving in politics, including optimum performance in sports and any type of collaborative activity from surgical teams to symphony orchestras.

Sperry Andrews, co-director
Human Connection Institute
U.S.A. Skype #: 505-629-0700 


The Collaborative Decision Making and Team Performance Management platform connects people into an intelligent, global brain in order to make better, more informed group decisions. Calibrum offers Intelligent Surveys that help organizations effortlessly apply the power of Collective Intelligence at the workplace to maximize team performance and improve the efficiency, accuracy and feasibility of their strategic decisions.
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