Que Estranha Forma de Vida / What a Strange Way of Life

“In this Documentary, will be addressed ways of life that are parallel to society as we know it. We will closely follow the eco-village Cabrum, a recent community in northern Portugal; Cooperativa Integral Catalana, in Barcelona, which practices self-management with its own coin – the Eco; and finally, the self-sustaining community – Tamera – also located in Portugal.With almost 20 years of existence. A research center for peace, with a Free Love philosophy, searching for self-sufficiency. It’s a Biotype for the global consciousness cure.

All these projects, alternatives to the System, seek to live in harmony with a vision of the future based on sustainability and cooperation between human, animal and nature.

They are searching for solutions to global problems,locally acting and they promise to turn the current paradigms, obsolete.”

Que Estranha Forma de Vida // What a Strange Way of Life – FULL DOCUMENTARY HD from Pedro Serra on Vimeo.


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