Entheogenic Insights: some methods to access and consciously use the “psychedelic visions”, without exogenous psychedelics

by Ovidiu Brazdau

* Field notes from my ongoing research – Psychology of DMT Experience

Painting by Emily Kell.

Table of contents

I. The entrainment
II. A path from conscious dreaming to high-sync DMT-like experiences
III. Working with perspective (experience filters)
IV. Transitioning through layers of experience
V. A visual method for navigating through fractals
VI. Some hints
VII. Using inner sound as a feedback tool
VIII. Merging two or more psychedelic experiences
IX. A metaphor for energy-movements and vibrational-experiences, using the P&S Waves
X. Enstatic dance: integrating silent-meditative states with ecstatic high-energy experiences
XI. Frequency jumping
XII. Some reflections for advanced psychonauts


I. The entrainment

Wait 1-2 hours after sunset, with no artificial lights around, give your eyes some time to adapt to night vision. Use red light if necessary, it won’t spoil the rods adaptation.
Close your eyes, put some music on the headphones, or just go inside yourself using your method.
Do a full Pratyahara (internal absorption, as described in Yoga Sutra).
Activate the eyes perception (happening in the retina) to what it is. In other words, activate the eyes as in a full dark room, but keep the eyelids closed.

Look at the visuals generated in the visual thinking layer.
Or relax deeply, and wait for the dream state to activate, then watch.
To do this, align the dreamy landscape by connecting it with the real body perceptions, and allow the visual perception and the dreamy landscapes, in the same time.

Another view: keep the witness active while the dreamy state activates, providing visual thinking, and let the dreamy visuals unfold, but keep body presence and the meta-attention active; and, after the dreamy state is fully active, notice that the eyes seem to look in various directions, as if they are following the dream (this is natural in dreams). But at this point, while keeping the vibrational state in the dream mode, concentrate the attention into one point, in front of your visual field, and switch the content from dream to here-now-retina-perception, by adding depths to the attention span. Then, just enter into the wave realm by allowing youself to constantly flowing in the here-now experience.

Sense this change.
And watch how the visuals tend to form, in new ways. This is the begining of the “visionary” experience.
At this point, a new category of actions are possible, e.g. consciously interacting with the visual content.

“Notice if the visuals… are they mine? 
Or I may ask the collective, are they mine? Usually here the collective sense my presence in the field and activates, and from an observer I become a part of the field. I let myself connect“

Watch how this collective feedback-reflection modifies the field, while the reflection process happens.
The collective adds information to the local field, and sometimes energetic-visions appear.
The images become archetypal.

“Archetypes are vibrational harmonies translated into images. But what image? Seems that the selection criterion is… the most powerful or harmonically-like visual form that exists in the collective field (culture) or in the individual field (personality), related to the specific vibe (information&energy flow) which is activated”.

Watch the visionary flow and experience this layer as long as you want.


II. A path from conscious dreaming to high-sync DMT-like experiences

This is what I tried and it works:

– When the brain is in the dream state, and there are dreamy visuals, like looking from a 3rd perspective, it may happen to see myself from above or so, and there are things happening in the dream. Let’s call them “dream-visuals”, in contrast with the psychedelic visions, which are “perceptual-visuals”, experienced with a first person perspective.
– One path that I followed is this: I wait for the “dream-visuals”, and watch. When some scene intensifies, an emotion-energy appears, and usually it happens that I become aware of me as a character. Depending on the flow, “me-in-the-dream” has various reactions to the images, while processing my “unconscious” information. If “I-as-observer” notice that “me-in-the-dream” is not reacting harmonically, I interact, take the dream position and add perceptual-vision into it. I  collapse into a reduced-freedom configuration, I give up the overview attention and adapt to a new style of overviewing, less spacious but more intense, and I let myself experience that perspective. Why? I want to see why is this happening, what are the deep roots of this misalignment I am experiencing. Well, this action of jumping/collapsing-into-me transforms the dream-visual experience in a perceptual-psychedelic-experience. And, I use the gamemaster tools this configuration allows for, to allow myself  a deep flowing into the essence of information and, after I figure out and do the right internal action, the perspective aligns.

As a side fact… I don’t do OBEs. I prefer to dive into me, while I am staying where I am, here in this area of space. There is enough movement already happening, Earth around Sun, Sun around the galaxy, and then the galaxy itself is moving… I tried a few times, picking a vibration generated by the music I was listening, and diving into it… and a few times, I found myself racing through a ray of light, wormhole-like (with a 10-20% intensity of coloured fractals if I add retina-perception in certain ways).

In this experience, the speed is simultaneous with relaxation. I need to relax to go faster. But I can also just increase the speed, by accelerating the diving, and accelerating the previous method of acceleration, and this increase-of-increase-of-increase generates a sync in crescendo, then my energy body increases the intensity + frequency, and… the DMT configuration appears. But, in this experience,compared with exogenous DMT, I still have the “gamemaster” tools, which allow me to consciously interact with the experience and dive deeper no matter what I encounter. I adapt quickly from inside. In these inner-generated-dmt-experiences, compared with my first Santo Daime experiences, I am able to manage the intensity of the experience, and I can process and understand everything-as-it happens, no need for after-effects like unzipping of information. Though, the are some other after-effects, such as amazement in high quantities. 🙂

About dreaming:

Dreamwork Psychology Handbook (pdf)

Another field observation.. there is a also a short path, if we use a multidimensional approach. This is how it works for me: using headphones and some nice flowing music, under the sky (it is important to have empty space in front of the closed eyes); I let myself look into me, relaxing or diving into thinking, but using visual style – thinking by seeing by being. Sometimes my mind tends to be verbal, so, I work for a while with this and transform the verbal process into visuals; this is possible by accessing the dream state configuration, and then using the dream-visual-style to process the intended information , as “interactive visions”, or lucid dreaming, sort of, but adding the awareness of presence in the body and in the physical space.

In this visual-thinking-inner-space-with-perception-activated, if I want to activate the vibrational-flowing-in-hyper-sync-DMT-like, I do this action: I “liquify” everything-that-is-inside-dreaming-including-me, and let the reality flow… But the action of “liquifying” is not just a one-time action, it is continuous, like jumping into a flowing dynamic condition, or like switching from my “particle self” to my “wave self” and… bing, I shift the experience and I usually find myself in the 360 3D surround experience of inner-space-presence, with tunnels coming from the eyes-perception. It is like I switch to a smaller wavelength, and I feel my body energy vibrating in a static way, and my mind is no longer thinking in visuals-with-forms. The flowing style itself is the new causal thinking. And thinking is the same thing as perceiving, they are merged. The liquifying process is like a returning home to the energy world, when all there is static becomes fluid. It is like… a breeze is flowing through me, putting all my layers into a nice vibrational experience, like a gentle kundalini activation, or an ayahuasca after-effect – intense but in a nice way.

There is an interesting information processing in my mind, in this configuration. This flowing seems to facilitate in me the flow of information about evolution of our species, evolution of life on Earth, or various other topics, as seen from an evolutionary perspective. Evolutionary processes are so clear in this flowing of  reality! If I stop to an aspect, there is decompressing happening, usually nice insights, and I write down some ideas, but I have to be careful about these “detours”, I need to be short and essential when taking these notes, so that I could return back to the flowing state from which the insight was “ejected”, without losing the connection. But, sometimes I prefer not to have any detour, and I just enjoy the insight and continue the experience. And, sometimes, I exit the experience and enjoy the new perspective.

…. or, here it is a simple method to activate the hyper-sync DMT-like configuration: starting from 360 3D inner space, with attention one-pointed to the inside perceptions (pratyahara), and inner eyes opened and locked onto the global inner ambient. In this space, I hyper-ventilate by breathing deeply, and merge with the fresh energy that builds inside the energy body. I use samyama – full absorption to become one with this raising energy process. The key seems to be this: it is necessary to keep my body perfectly still and fully relaxed while the energy builds up. And also to keep my mind perfectly still, just watching the effects of the increasing energy. There are moments when the energy naturally tries to expand and generate ecstatic emotions. If the energy is maintained inside as static-vibrational, the experience leads to DMT-realm-like experiences directly. But the path through ecstatic emotions is also usable if, just before the expansion starts, I re-arrange my perspective from inside-focused to a UMS-style (unitary mystical state). So, when the expansion happens, simultaneously, the increase in synchrony happens, and this leads to a DMT-like-experience plus enstatic-flowing. In this configuration, I like to dance using the tai-chi-like-style, it comes naturally in this configuration, and it allows me to interact with the flowing (vs. just being ecstatically raptured with no control of the ecstatic expansion).

I need to say that, even if this method is simple, I think this works better for people who are already familiar with the DMT realm and the vibrational experiences.


III. Working with perspective (experience filters)

Notice the configuration you have now, identify the visionary flow (see the differences), “energetically” emulate the visionary configuration, and prefer it more than the flow with local content (dream-like-self-stuff usually). Or just dive into the flowing visionary configuration, letting go of other configurations.

Allocate more attention to the new density, and tune into it by using the visuals as feedback.
Select the visionary perspective and embrace the experience…
by allowing the moment to become sacred,
or by breathing in the flow, as air,
or by becoming curious about… and shifting to… mmm, hello…
or just by relaxing the body, deeper.

This is a map I developed over the years, to understand how the perspective works:


IV. Transitioning through layers of experience

I invite you to read this for a nice overview:

Hint: choose your own method for transitioning through layers.

It needs to be your personal key to have 100% effectiveness. And don’t tell it to anyone, until you feel the need to change it again. It is ok to share, but when it is shared, it expands to the next person and temporarily, it becomes harder to access it when needed.
So, find your key, transform it into an anchor, and use it when necessary.

After merging with the visionary flow, watch… but, when you feel you have a curiosity/question about a scene, visually happening, or a topic, just dive into its stream by using your key, and get more information by watching the experience.

If you need to know “what is the cause of the experience?”, “why am I experiencing this”, you can go deeper. Just ask politely or dive further.

It is possible to advance to the next depth of reality by developing another attitude as a key.
No more keys needed from this point. What you think-want-to-see is what you get.

After a while, I realised that there are so many ways to transition through layers of reality, that what it matters most, is the ability to use the proper tool depending on the situation. And, the availability and diversity of these “tools” is essential, not the tools itself. When I use a tool, I select it intuitively, sometimes works, sometimes not, it is a matter of resilience. It is not like in the Matrix movie, one key for a door. Rather, a key can open many doors in the same time, each new input generates a chain reaction in the experience.

In other words, the key is an “action”, a transformational option available to the conscious witness, when we want to change an experience indirectly, by altering attentional structure (like going to 2D to 3D to 4D). But, for me, it is not like… the witness is an observer and it commands the change. But, it is more like… I allow my attentional flows to change itself, with me in it, as me, a sort of… every-time-a-new-style-of-eversion, never-knowing-what-is-on-the-other-side.


V. A visual method for navigating through fractals

Sometimes, in some specific inner configurations, the energy of the visionary flows feels like tunneling through fractal waves, due to the retina activation and perhaps the multiple flows of movement we experience (I mean physical movements, Sun, Galaxy, these types of movements).

Stopping in a point by activating the focused attention is possible. It is like, when we go with a car, and there are trees, one after another, and we choose a tree, to look at it and see what is there.

And when the diving happens, the point-connection activates, and visionary-explanatory visual field is formed, from the interaction with our structure and that information configuration, where the point belongs to. It is like a 3D navigation through various bubbles of visions.

The visual visionary layer and the energy body interact with the field and mirror our “personal bubble” by adding extra information through various type of exchanges (various archetypal characters may play their part).

Remember to breathe in, when it seems too much visionary information, or when the flow speed is too high to process.

Conscious breathing-in helps a lot, by processing “energetically” the extra amount of information.
Breathing also helps when extra speed is needed. Try a quick breath, for one time, or deep breathing slowly, or… pick your method for accelerating/intensifying the experience. Or just allow it to be denser 🙂

If you want out, just reduce the density of the experience, vibrationally, or open the eyes, or relax, or…

I invite you to read this summary by Jeff Warren:

Ascending the Jhanas

In my view, the vision-types hierarchy, as described by Leary/Tibetan Book of Dying is not necessary a specific one; they are rather layers. The experience does happen in the order described by Leary, but only when we take a navigation path through ego dissolution (as in the DMT journey described by Terence McKenna, the dome etc., when energy flows up).

Instead, in the conscious visionary experiences, we can select other paths and these layers become available perspectives, in the multidimensional awareness experience generated by the multidimensional global attention, so to say 🙂

It is important to remember that the ability to energetically flow into these visionary experiences is highly dependent on the degree of flexibility-fluidity of the physical body. Dancing helps a lot.


VI. Some hints 

– For diving into a perspective (visionary flow) by seen-being the visual landscape, one must use full Samyama (as described in Yoga Sutra); that is, to develop the ability to do full absorptions into the flows of events that are presented by the collective visionary flow. To accept everything.

– There is another observer available here, the global observer, when 3rd eye vision activates, and… we are space… and everything happens in this space, including the visionary flows.

– Diving forward into a visionary layer, inside a current vision – this is possible by focusing the narrow attention fully into a point … a flower, or a shadow, and… we dive again.

– In the visionary configuration, if we wonder, what is this, what I see?… the answer reveals. A full let go is needed for this. Ask “what is this?”… then forget about the question, just watch… watch what new landscape is configured as a result of the previous action, whatever that was.

– Don’t be brave when you see a demon, just let them in, experience them, breathe, let the energy enter and transform you (feel while it passes through you, while it passes; when it is out, feel no more). Use equanimity. But sometimes, be brave. There are no general rules. I prefer to use a perspective based on curiosity, instead of courage-like-attitudes for these situations. For some time, I was asking them directly: What? Now what? What is this? Who’s playing with me? And usually, some characters were smiling at me, and then… they faded away.

Now I see “generating-fear characters” as dense-packets of energy-information, too dense to be processed because of our limited flexibility. At this fundamental level, these bubbles are dense presence-“triggers”. They cause a shock in our system, we contract and the visual is formed, as a protection layer. We stop. Each time we stop, we get a vision. One way to manage this, learned from Santo Daime wisdom, is to let it flow, all the time, to sing and dance continuously during the experience.

– The mechanisms I described above happen also when the visionary visual is positive, and a character invites us, and we go, connect, and communicate. They transmit presence, usually, in a nice way. The transformative visionary emotions are a result of this multilayered connectivity, that is why it feels so intense, there are many simultaneous connections between the elements of the vision, many simultaneous perspectives happening, visions-inside-visions.

– When I use music as an entrainment technology, I prefer to use new music, music I have never heard. It keeps the attention in the present moment. Novelty is essential. I now prefer the SoundCloud automatic playlists, they always bring amazing vibes. The quality of the sound is also important. I use Sennheiser Momentum 2, they have a great bass and the audio landscape is very spacious, it is a pleasure to dive into their sound.


VII. Using inner sound as a feedback tool

This is what I tried: I move my inner observer, slowly, consciously, layer through layer, as described by Leary&Tibetan-Book-of-Dying (I practiced Leary’s advices in a few ayahuasca sessions and it worked, then I learned the process and applied it in my inner experiences). So, I traverse the emotional layer, then the cognitive, then the visual dreamy state, and reach a sort of deep sleep with no thinking. This is like arriving in my inner spacious space-void, which is in fact the physical space occupied by my body-bubble of energy&information.

In this inner space I use the inner sound (some say tinnitus), to create a sync in the audible vibrations, and create a one coherent wave. It is a sort of taming the carrier wave, the same sound that appears very strong in the DMT experiences – and the result is that when the global sync activates, I enter the fundamental energy/chi/kundalini layer while remaining visually active.

I noticed that smoking natural tobacco with a paper filter intensifies the pitch of the inner sound, and it is easier to work with the inner sound after I smoke a hand-rolled cigarette (I use Bali Shag white). Sometimes, I begin the experience by focusing on the sound, and then I dive into myself. Sometimes vice versa.

There are many combinations for using the techniques I describe here, each one leading to a slightly different experience, I cannot say “this is the method #1, this is the method #2, use them one after another to get to a higher sync”. Each combination creates a slightly different experiential landscape.


VIII. Merging two or more psychedelic experiences

*To do this experiment, mastering the inner eye vision is necessary 🙂

In the 3D 360 surround inner vision, outside time (or here-now, extended):
– Pick a memory of, say, the LSD experience. Select the most intense moment, and… dive into that moment, re-living it.
– Acquire the configuration, and activate the present-moment-in-the-bodies.
– Use the visual thinking to put the LSD experience in the left side of the visual side, as a cube or square. Let it there.
– Now remember another experience, say, the DMT experience, and repeat the process, connect with the memory by diving continuously into it, then divide attention to connect with the present-moment-awareness, and put the DMT experience in the right.
– Then, merge them in the center, in front of you, while breathing, and let both configurations exist in simultaneity in the present-moment-experience.

The squares-cubes are just visual anchors for the experiences. When merging happens, forget about the visual, just dive into the present-moment-perception by letting it become more intense, allowing both configurations to exist.


IX. A metaphor for energy-movements and vibrational-experiences, using the P&S Waves

Here is why understanding p and s waves is important, in my opinion:
In this fluidic visionary space, there are two types of energy movements happening in the body:
– One is the moving energy, s-wave, kundalini, moving through the body (as in flowing up through sushumna).
– The other one is the “vibrational” p-wave, the resonatory approach (causing the experience of white light when the energy is too dense to be processed); the wave travels, but in this global-attention vibratory style, there is no “heat”, because the information is transferred harmonically, so, no need for s-wave. Nothing needs to travel. Information is absorbed by allowing it to flow and vibrate continuously, using new rhythms that generate various waves in the universal multifrequency wave.


X. Enstatic dance: integrating silent-meditative states with ecstatic high-energy experiences

Enstatic Dance is not about releasing old patterns or getting high. Its goal is to amplify the focus and to increase the connection with ourselves and the reality. In other words, it is a way to develop a friendly relationship with life-energy, also known as kundalini/chi.

Dancing provides a very good structure for experiencing visionary configurations, while flowing through sound. It is the same attitude as in static inner experiences, using the 3D vision, but with open eyes, and merging the outer space and the inner space into one, as in a “unitary mystical states”.

Jeff Warren has a nice description of this configuration here:

Forman’s Mystical Progression

The advantage of dancing vs. static experiences is the ability to allow more energy to flow and to increase the density and the frequency in a safe way. If the personal energy is kept inside the personal energy bubble, the field starts to vibrate, not only to flow.

Dancing at the transformational festivals, very close to the speakers, is a good opportunity to explore the mixed vibrational/enstatic and energetic/ecstatic parts of my being. I like to do sufi-like rotational movements to put the energy in motion, then I “compress” the energy into a higher frequency by using quicker and small movements. Here is what I mean (the dancer is Karine Gonzalez, in the Vengo movie, and the new music is Pendulum-Witchcraft). See the “switching” moment at 1:25.


XI. Frequency jumping

During the enstatic flowing, the visionary-visual flow is still active, like in a day-dreaming but, when I am flowing… very in-tune with the music, it is a very similar experience with dancing at Santo Daime. I noticed that I can use the style of the flowing-movements to interfere in a positive way with the visionary flow, by modifying the “energy source”, the source from which the visionary flow feeds. I just pick another sound-flow, like switching from bass to vocals. But, to do this, I had to practice for a while the “frequency jumping”. A full let go of the current experience is needed, like in the ego-death experience.

When I use headphones or inner sound (with earplugs), the most important “frequency jumping” seems to be when I leave the main focus toward dreamy-landscape, which, in a way, is a static-energy manifestation, and dive into the flowing energy, then into the vibrational 3D surround. These basic layers of human perception are nicely described by Alex Grey in the Sacred Mirrors. An animation is here.

If you want to push the limits of the multidimensional experience, well, the layers that become perceptually-accessible using frequency jumping can later be included simultaneously with other layers. The jumping is just a process used to add new layers to the experience. As we go deeper, there is less and less attention needed to maintain perceptual contact with each layer, so, a higher-frequency experience include all the other layers. When looking/witnessing from a short wavelength (meaning higher frequency “pulses”), the longer wavelength layers are available, simply because when frequency is high in the global attention, the focused attention can roam and connect with multiple layers, while in that layer time passes slowly.

In my experience, if I divide the attention to connect with all the frequencies/layers available in the now, the inner sound transforms into the nice “carrier wave” specific to the DMT experiences. I keep the frequency with no effort, by keeping the energy inside my personal bubble, and being vibrationally in sync with it. Though, I feel like I just scratched the surface in this experiment. There are so many layers, and some of them are very subtle and with very long wavelength. E.g., I wonder sometimes, if can I tune myself to feel the ripples that are generated by the galaxies crossing through our Milky Way. Could a human being develop this sensitivity? Where is the limit?

Hint: how to jump out of ego? Well, when I am in the dreamy state, the visuals tend to happen somewhere in a small area inside my head, around various positions inside my “skull” area, and my eyes tend to move. When I want to get out, I use attention in this way: I calm down the eyes, looking down, then, I switch to retinal perception and look directly ahead, and I expand the perception to the bubble where the dreamy experiences happen. The entire skull area. So, at this point, I get one-pointedness, and visual perception from physical eye. But this is still the ego structure. I still feel the physical limits of my experience, around my head. Though, it better than the previous stage, because now it is an entire ego experience (all is accepted). The eyes are looking ahead, but the “surroundings” are limited by the ego.

To get out, I use perception. I try to look with global attention to this space, and go deeper inside. I take the entire experience as an “object”, and I connect with space (real physical space). When I do this, the center of the visual experience is a bit higher and a bit in the back than the point between the eyes. Some 2-3 cm above and in the back of the eyes. I don’t know why, but this is where the new center is felt. So, when I want out of the ego-related experiences, I relax my eyes, look down, I cut off the flow from the eyes (I don’t care about the visuals, I don’t look at them for a moment), and the one-pointendess transforms into a global-one-pointedness-3D surround, and I am somewhere in the middle of all this. And, I have new eyes. Like in Emily Kell’s image from the top.

Still I can look only in front of me, as the eyes are in front, but the surrounding bubble is felt, I don’t need to look at it to know it is there. I feel its existence. This transition is important, like a transition from watching a movie on a screen, to experiencing a real experience from inside and the screen is no more a screen, it is a hologram that surrounds me. That’s why I like to rotate when I dance, with closed eyes, it allows me to look in all directions with my physical eyes.

From this point, well, I expand the bubble in various ways, sometimes to the length of our planet, or the Moon, or our galaxy… and… interesting visuals appear, related to each specific frame of reference.

But, remember that the frequency jumping is just one way to alter the visionary experience. Directly increasing density (while keeping the same frequency) is another way to explore the visionary realms. This is a skill that can be practised easily if you have experienced with DMT and you know how it feels when the hypersync activates and the vibration is becoming denser, well…this is the action. Or when kundalini activates, just watch what happens in the vibrational structure, and learn to reproduce that action.

For me, the vibrational densification of experience usually brings coloured-psychedelic-visuals, not so intense as in the LSD experiences, but it all depends how deep and intense I want to dive in into them. Because, after a certain point in this action of densification, there is no turning back, I have to live the experience for as long as it is necessary, the energy-wave layer is so intensely stimulated that it generates a “trip”. In other words, if I wake up the lady dragon, I have to sit with her and interact. But, using all the methods I described above, the high-energy-intense-vibrational experience is manageable.


XII. Some reflections for advanced psychonauts

If you are a psychonaut and you prefer to dive deeper into experience, maybe using music and ganja as journey companions could densify the divings, by facilitating the samyama processes. But using ganja is not an easy way, as the plant fluidifies the psyche; and, during the high energy experiences, if the psyche is not pure enough, inner tensions may appear and the experience flowing may be hijacked by the ego, resulting in dreamy-style ego trips which de-focus the experience for a while.

But, sometimes enjoying the ego visions is ok. If you detect the hijacking while it is happening, at least you can be creative: you can play and interact with the visionary-ego-style-action, no matter if it is a “positive” or a “negative” or an “explanatory” story. Practice equanimity and keep the witnessing awareness active. After all, any vision will end sooner or later, after the energy is consumed and information is re-arranged.

In my opinion, ganja/charas are both very skilled navigators, they can allow amazing transitions, we just need to behave nicely with the plants and ask them where want to go. And then be brave enough to navigate wildly and allow ourselves to change the navigating styles.

Good journeys!





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