Conscious TV – Faisal Muqaddam ‘Enlightenment Happens In The Heart’

Faisal Muqaddam ‘Enlightenment Happens In The Heart’ Interview by Iain McNay.
Faisal talks about his life; his enlightenment, and how awakening happens in the mind, and enlightenment happens in the heart. He also talks about how he formed the Ridhwan school with AH Almaas and helped develop the ‘theory of holes’ and work with the Latiaf and essential qualities and enquiry. He later left to form his own teaching, ‘The Diamond Logos.’ ‘The more that understanding comes through, the more the personality begins to resolve and we can retrieve the original state that is lost.’ ‘In our world today two major topics need to be emphasized; humanity needs to be spiritualized and spirituality needs to be humanized’

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